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Staple Sears Tower Skyscraper

I ran across an article a couple of months ago talking about an artist making cityscapes using staples to build the buildings. The cities were very cool looking but the buildings were just rectangular boxes. I immediately started to think of building a more interesting building and the first one to leap to mind was the Sears Tower (actually renamed the Willis Tower recently) since it is an interesting building that is built out of 9 rectangular boxes. My friend Jay has always had a fascination with the building since he was born in Chicago and so I decided to build it and give it as part of a wedding present this June (Congrats Jay)

The model I built is about 12 inches tall and is really close to an accurate scale model. Each staple width represents 75 feet. The whole thing took about 15,000 staples, a bit of superglue and about 2 hours to build. It probably weighs a little under 2 pounds, perfect for a desk ornament/ paper weight. Someday, I'll have to build some other buildings out of staples, since I was very happy with how this turned out. The last picture is the real Sears (Willis) Tower.


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