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Mt Shasta Skipark Panoramas

Yesterday, my brother, my cousin Steve, and I went up to play in the snow at Mt. Shasta Skipark. It was my first time snowboarding in 6 years. I did fairly well, though I am quite sore now. I can't believe that I used to be able to go off jumps and do 180s and 360s (sometimes). I did go off a couple of jumps yesterday...though I barely got off the ground!

Anyways, while there, I took some pictures and used some of them to make the panoramas below.

Top of Coyote Butte looking South (8 pictures 11000x3000 33MP)

Bottom of Douglas Butte looking East (12 pictures 14000x3000 42MP)

Top of Coyote Butte looking West (Lots of pictures 17000x5000 85MP)
Note: this picture has about 260 degree field of view horizontally and about 120 degree vertically (about 60 degrees both up and down from the horizon.) It is much wider than it looks! Also the terrain is much steeper than it looks!


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