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Spring Break 2010 Light Pictures

I took about 850 pictures over the 3 days I was vacationing with Liz. About 40 of them were pictures of lights. There is something about taking long exposure pictures of lights that I really enjoy. It's probably because there is a bit of a random nature to them. I don't quite know how they will turn out until I see them. It's not like standard photography in which you can truly compose your pictures. On the other hand there still are techniques to learn that when applied produce similar results.

Anyways, here are a few of my favorites from this trip. Most are 30-60 second exposures at minimal ISO for my camera (100) and the most closed aperture for the stock lens for my camera (f22). Next to the picture you will see the approximate technique used. If you like the picture click on it to see a full screen version which is still much less detailed than the original. None of them have been photoshopped any more than cropping, resizing, a little bit of blurring/sharpening and little changes in brightness, contrast and saturation. It's mainly the original picture you are seeing here.


Panning down

Panning across

Walking forward while holding camera

Panning across

In close crop of picture above showing one section details. Due to the detail on this I really want to print up a large scale version of the picture above.

Panning diagonally slowly jerking

Zooming out then tilting and zooming back in. I like the 3D effect this gives.

Making lots of little circles!

Walking forward while holding camera

Walking forward while holding camera


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