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Epic "Stop Motion" Steady Cam Shot

You must watch this video! Then read the short story below. It looks really good if you click on the full screen icon right underneath the video between the HD symbol (already on) and the Vimeo logo.

Nice Shot! from Blownapart Studios on Vimeo.

Last weekend, I went down to Sacramento California to help out my brother Michael Poole and cousin Steve Bailey who are the creative forces behind Blown Apart Studios with a video shoot which was a lot of fun. They are putting together a Still Photography Tutorial DVD called Lighting Boot Camp with Mark Behrens. We were filming at Elk's Tower with a bunch of models and guns at a workshop called guns, guts and glory. I helped them shoot a special feature for the DVD which was a short action based movie which hopefully I can share soon once the editing is finished.

This was a shot that Steve made towards the end of the workshop. I'm going to quote their story on this shot here:

This is a single take steadicam shot during a photographic workshop at the Elk's Tower in Sacramento. The workshop put on by Mark Behrens and LookPW titled "Gun's Gut's and Glory" featured 22 photographers and 20 models. This shot actually came together completely unplanned, when most of the photographers and models had gathered into one room. It started out as a "wouldn't it be cool" and turned into an "alright everybody, listen up" in about 30 seconds. It took about 5 minutes to bring everyone up to speed, place people around the room, and figure out a rough path. The original shot is a little over two minutes long. The only editing we did was "speed ramping" which is basically just speeding up and slowing down the footage. It's obviously really hard to get 40 people to hold still for that long, so a lot of the sped up sections hide some of the movement. The other sped up and slowed down parts were just to emphasize it's epic awesomeness. Thanks to everyone who made this possible!

For more information visit: http://www.blownapartstudios.com/


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