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Fractal Doritos!

Here is a video that I helped make:

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Here is a making of video:

On the first of November, my brother and I along with one of our cousins, filmed a commercial to be entered into a contest for Doritos. The 3 winners will be shown during the SuperBowl. For the commercial, I had about 30 of my students from UPrep build a Sierpinski Triangle (a fractal) out of about 12000 chips. It measures 64 feet on a side and is most likely the largest fractal ever built from food items...most likely because there haven't been that many attempts! We actually tried to get Guinness to verify, but they decided that we should instead try to beat the record of world's largest Nachos since they don't currently have any records relating to fractals.

In order to build the fractal efficiently, 243 post it notes were placed to mark 3 foot equilateral triangles where students would build iteration 2 fractals from approximately 150 chips. It took 30 students about 3 hours to do this. Iteration 0 is actually 16 chips arranged in a one foot triangle instead of one single chip. This was done so that the entire fractal would be quite visible even at its large size.

This is the 3 foot triangle that each student was in charge of building. Notice the post it notes marking the corners and build spot and the 1 foot square template at the top for building the individual triangles.

Students building the Sierpinski triangle.

This is the view from above as the triangle is nearly finished.

Two Students are putting on the finishing touches. The post-its blew away and so they are trying to out exactly where to build.

The finished triangle with most of the builders inside it.

Clean up was much easier than building it (Thanks Dad)!


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