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Full 360 City Panoramas

I like to try and capture a city from a high spot and put all the resulting images together into a full 360 degree panorama. It is pretty amazing to be able to see the city at a glance and then be able to zoom down to see the detail of a particular building or even a house or a car.

One problem is that many of the best places to take these images are in buildings that have windows that people like to cover with greasy fingerprints, meaning all of these images have major flaws. Also it is hard to get all the images without some of them containing unnecessary items such as windowsills and other close objects. The Chicago and NYC panoramas need some serious editing to get rid of these items before merging all the images...perhaps I'll get to them this summer.

If I ever figure out how to make them look really good, it would be cool to print these at large sizes...

Click on the images to make them larger though many many times smaller than the actual images (It looks like I need to post these up on something for storing images since I've reached to limits of what Blogger allows...)

San Francisco from Coit Tower 23000 x 4000 (92 MP) made from pieces of 16 images.

Las Vegas from Eiffel Tower 23000 x 5600 (130 MP) made from pieces of 40 images.

Chicago from Sears Tower 2300 x 4800 (110 MP) made from pieces of 40 images.

New York City from Empire State Building 23000 x 6000 (138 MP) made from pieces of about 100 images. This is one of the problems with this image. There wasn't a good way to get all the images without moving to many different locations. Now I'm going to have to individually edit many of these images.


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