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"Action" Panoramas

While running some panorama generating software, I found some panoramas were being produced that had multiple images of the same subject in them. Now that I realize this can happen, I should take some sequences of images with subjects moving in order to capitalize on this effect. Here's some of the ones that were accidentally generated. Note: they weren't taken from the exact same perspective so there are some flaws in how the images are put together. Also note how the software works by eliminating some features in pictures. Click on pictures for slightly larger versions.

Mirror Sculpture in Chicago:

The following two images tell a story pretty well. These made me realize the possible power of such a photography technique if used correctly.

A different way to show Christmas photos:

Elvis when he was basically a puppy (again would be a good way to show baby/little kid pics):

Another "Action" sequence:

My first time ice skating:

Doesn't want picture taken from any angle:

This one is the best. Think about it: The ring bearer is only just ahead of the bride and has a smirk on his face. There is almost no one at the wedding and this guy is not standing up or even watching the bride. And that guy looking in the window. That's the groom! Too bad all the pictures were really blurry and I changed perspectives a little too much. But as a proof of concept this picture is great.


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