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Defenestration: A throwing of a person or thing out a window.
Here's a Wikipedia article about the orgins of the word.

Around Christmas this year, Liz and I went to San Francisco for a weekend and while driving came across an art installation called Defenestration. (Click on the link after you have looked at the picture below...there are some cool pics here) I should have stopped and taken pictures but I was in heavy, yet moving traffic and just decided to snap a few pictures out the window while continuing along my way... yes, I know...this doesn't seem safe...but I find I take excellent pictures while driving. Those people that talk on cell phones or text are crazy...taking pictures while driving is perfectly ok! :)

I now have a new favorite word. If my students get on my nerves I can just threaten them with defenestration. Anyways, here's the pic.

Defenestration (parts of 4 pictures 6000 x 3000 18 MP)


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