I've currently moved over to blogging at http://mathcraft.wonderhowto.com/

Here I will be posting about 4 times per week and will have a project every week with more in depth information and a how to component and templates. There will also be a user forum for people to submit pictures and ideas.

Thanks! I hope to see you there!

Las Vegas Light Pictures

I haven't had time to finish up any of my projects...still working on the Orrery, still working on a crazy papercrafting project...but nothing seems close to being finished. I feel I should post up something. So here are a few more pictures of lights. These pictures were all taken by having a long exposure and then moving the camera rapidly to make an interesting design. These were taken outside of a hotel in Las Vegas last summer. Click on images for a full screen picture (though not as big as original size before posting) For some different light pictures click here.


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