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Here I will be posting about 4 times per week and will have a project every week with more in depth information and a how to component and templates. There will also be a user forum for people to submit pictures and ideas.

Thanks! I hope to see you there!

Aerial Panoramas 1

If the lighting is good and the window isn't too scratched up, you can take pretty good pictures out of a plane window. I'm sure someone else has done this but I've never seen images out the windows of airplanes stitched into panoramas. Here are a few that I've taken. I'll probably post up most of the others tomorrow. While planes are traveling at a few hundred mph, the distances to objects are enough that you can still take your time when snapping the pictures to stitch together. The exception to that rule is right around takeoff or landing. One of the pictures here is flying over Sacramento around sunrise and you can see that the panorama is distorted. I waited too long between pictures...

Just click on the pictures to see slightly larger versions.


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