I've currently moved over to blogging at http://mathcraft.wonderhowto.com/

Here I will be posting about 4 times per week and will have a project every week with more in depth information and a how to component and templates. There will also be a user forum for people to submit pictures and ideas.

Thanks! I hope to see you there!

Panoramas again.

Here are some old panoramas. I decided I would post up some that maybe aren't the prettiest, but that involve something interesting. The first is one of the first panoramas I ever took. It was stitched together by hand instead of using an automated program. I think it is a very pretty picture of New Hampshire in the fall. In the next two pictures you can see how to take panoramas with portraits. This is one real advantage of stitching photos together. If you take all of the panorama pictures and then have someone take a picture from the same spot that you are in...you can be in the panorama. The next is an image of the Golden Gate Bridge from an unusual perspective. I really need to go back and take this correctly to fill in the gaps. The following image is Chicago taken from a moving ferris wheel on Navy Pier. Taking panoramas from moving objects actually works really well. In another post I'm going to post up pictures taken from moving cars and even airplanes. Next is vertical panorama of the inside of the Chicago Macys (Old Marshal Fields). I think that vertical panoramas are really underutilized. The last two shots are the least interesting of the bunch in my opinion. One is a picture of a topiary garden in Maryland and finally just for fun I thought I would post up my panorama of the lone cyprus (the most photographed tree in the world)


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