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Panoramas from Summer 2009

One of the types of photographs that I enjoy taking and creating are large scale panoramas. I use computer software to stitch together anywhere from two to hundreds of images together. The software has become pretty powerful over the years and I can even stitch together images that were taken from a moving vehicle. I'll have to post some of those in a future post. In this post I'm going to show some panoramas from a vacation that I took with my wife Liz this summer. I took about 50 more of these in just this vacation... These ones are on the smaller side in terms of detail, I have some that were 100's of pictures (Grand Canyon etc.) To view slightly larger images click on them individually and then remember to use the scroll bar on the bottom! I really should print some of these out someday...I have lots of wall space to fill.

Bridal Veil Falls in Yosemite. Original Image 8000 x 3500 (28 mega pixel)

Mono Lake Tufa. Original Image 8000 x 2200 (17 mega pixel)

Bodie. Original Image 15000 x 2000 (30 mega pixel)

Hoover Dam and New Bridge. Original Image 10000 x 3000 (30 mega pixel)

Yosemite Lake. Original Image 10000 x 2000 (20 mega pixel)


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