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Moonrise Animation

I've become quite a fan of moonrises in the last year or so once I realized that I had a perfect view of them from my backyard. It's still somewhat amazing to me that you get all of the color variations that you get in sunrises only it's a lot dimmer! Of course it will be hard to photograph it so that you can see all the detail. I'm working on that one.

I just google moonrise times and the first site is a US Navy site where you can get a table of moonrise times for a year for your location. (This also works for sunrise, sunset, etc.) Anyways, here is an animated gif of last night's moonrise. I really need to buy a better camera. The exposure times needed on this camera are ridiculous. And a Tripod would be nice...rather than setting it on an object and hoping that it doesn't fall, etc.


MrsT said...

Cool picture! Well done!

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